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Lathe 001

Dimensions of slab flooring (table), mm2000 x 6000
The maximum mass of the workpiece to be installed, kg50 000
Distance between posts (clearance for the protection of guides), mm2 600
Slider stroke (Z), mm1500
Spindle head stroke (Y), mm1590
Crossbar stroke (X), mm5800
Spindle head
Power of the electric motor of the main drive, kW28
Spindle torque, Nm1400
Spindle speed range, rpm2200
Spindle taper50
Feed limits, mm / min Z 1 ...2-12 000
Fast travel speed, mm/min: X20 000
Fast travel speed, mm/min: Y20 000
Fast travel speed, mm/min: Z12 000
CNC systemChina
Chip collector typeScraper
Maximum load per 1 m of table length, kg9000
Spindle head motor power, kW28
The total power of the electric motors installed on the machine, kW116
Overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm8200x3400x2800
Weight of the machine, kg not more than (together with separately located units and electrical equipment)32 000
Cabinet protection//

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