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Special Features
Universally applicable, high precision balancing, easy upgrades with modular design and a wide range of accessories, rigid bearing principle ensures rapid change from one element to the next measuring instruments, the optional is a high-end solution, a full range of safety equipment for all protection classes, easy to use. Handling - Rigid-bearing in principle eliminates the need for calibration performed

Scope of application Universal Balancing of  series machines provides precise load balancing from a wide range of
rotors. They are suitable for cylindrical rotors having their own main shaft journals and for load balancing disc-shaped rotors on arbors balancing. Constant calibration, ergonomic design and logical sequence of maintenance operations. Modular design principle and a wide range of accessories to make the machine very flexible. The Schenck Universal Balancing Machine TM series is a highly efficient investment, both for disposable rotors and for small portions.


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